Vox Supply Chain

Procurement Reimagined

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We've had a very strong working relationship with VOX for more than 6 years. Thoroughly enjoying it and saving heaps of money too!

- Ngatama Aniterea, COO, Bluesky Cook Islands

Modern Purchasing Management

We've partnered with cloud application Coupa to create an easy, modern way to organize purchasing.

  1. Submit requests online: Vox is automatically notified to start sourcing each new project.
  2. Cloud-based approvals: Track project progress and receive automatic notifications when a request requires your approval. Approve any time, anywhere - even from your phone!
  3. Eliminate the paper trail: Automated purchase orders reduce work for the finance team.
  4. Monthly spend reporting to keep track of your budgets and savings.
  5. Supplier and spend analytics at your fingertips. Instantly check how much you're spending and with who.

Global Sourcing Results Delivered

Let your departments focus on what they do best - optimizing your network and keeping customers happy.

  1. Our project management team automatically receives new requests.
  2. We collect proposals from top global supply options, including your valued partners.
  3. The requester is presented with commercial comparisons and technical specifications.
  4. Your teams simply choose the supply option that best fits their needs.

Logistics Handled

  1. Our logistics team executes global pick-ups daily. No matter who you're buying from, we'll have it on its way.
  2. Plugging into our global operation provides your network with more competitive rates. Aggregated global volume, key industry partners and consolidated shipments generate substantial freight savings.
  3. End-to-end online tracking and updates from PO creation to shipment delivery. Our interactive platform connects suppliers and customers to keep everyone on the same page.
  4. Customs documentation provided to your receiving teams ahead of arrival.

Happy Clients